The Urban Girl’s Guide To Road Trips: Top 6 Tips

The Urban Girl's Guide To Road Trips Top 6 Tips

I’m big into this thing called road trip. I think it’s mostly driven by my insatiable curiosity as a typical Gemini. When all you can see is a wide and straight road ahead that seems to extend all the way beyond the horizon, have you ever wondered where it’ll take you if you just keep travelling along? I’ve always been fascinated by that thought. Ever since

Never lose your cool: Eco ways to keep your home cool + Inspirations

Keeping Your Home Cool Inspirations

There’s no denying that things can really heat up here in Australia during summer. Even now that we’re in April it still feels very much like summer these days with 30 degree Celsius sultry nights. No one likes to feel like a piece of melty cheese on toast, right? Pumping up the air-con might help keep your sanity for a little while, yet it’s not an

8 Lace Dresses & Matching Cocktails To Lust For

Cocktails & The Lace Dress | Lace n Ruffles

There’s nothing quite like playing matchy-matchy with your favourite cocktails and a head-turning lace dress. I got inspired with this style note on one lazy Sunday afternoon browsing though my Pinterest. No surprise, my feed is filled with romantic, exquisite lace-trimmed dresses as well as cocktails in all shades of rainbow hues – I have to admit sometimes I think Pinterest knows me even better

The Ultimate Glamping Checklist: Your 10 Stylish Must Have


A true glamper knows that a tent and some camping gear just won’t suffice. It doesn’t matter if they’re camping in the woods, the beach or an arresting secluded lake far away – for a glamper, the world is their fashion runway and any opportunity to look their best (even in the most foreign and natural conditions) is a challenge they are willing to accept.

Arouse Your Senses In Byron Bay Hinterland: The Itinerary

Byron Bay Hinterland Airbnb Review-feat

It was one of those of weekend when I just wanted to pack my bag and drive away. I called it the wanderlust syndrome. It hits all the time, but particularly severely on one Friday night when I was swiping through all the cute travel inspiration quotes on my Pinterest feed and I said to myself, ‘That’s it, I’m hoping into my car this weekend to

Antonym Cosmetics Certified Organic Make Up Review

Antonym Cosmetics Review feature

Hey Sunshine, I hope you enjoyed reading our first organic and natural beauty brand spotlight last week featuring Antipodes + my very first beauty vlog! We’re on a mission here to help you make informed choices when it comes to making your important buying decisions on beauty products. We believe there’re way too many socially responsible boutique brands that don’t get their voice heard, because they’re

Unchain My Boho Heart: Lace n Ruffles Lookbook

boho style lookbook feature

Hello fellow gorgeous! Who else adores boho headchains as much as I do? From the head-turning Chanel body chains to those gypsy headchains, I’ve totally let these babe-ly accessories chain my bohemian heart! So two days before Valentine’s Day this year I got a very sweet surprise from the team over at ASOS – a cute-as-a-button gift box neatly wrapped in red bow was dropped at

How to Reach Your Travel Dreams Sooner


If you’re anything like me, you live and breathe wanderlust. You would be a career wanderer who would see all the sights, hear all the sounds, and taste different spices from all corners of our planet earth. If all of this is something that you dream about, then it is going to pay for you to explore some of the avenues that will make this travel