Best Natural Skincare Product Reviews (February 15 Part Two)

Best Natural Skincare Reviews + Giveaway

Who else’s feeling overwhelmed with so many new skincare & beauty products that hit the shelves every day? Here at Lace n Ruffles, we understand working out what’s fabulous and natural can be a long and expensive process, sometimes it’s a hit and miss too. That’s why we’ve done the ground work for you each month to introduce you to the best natural skincare products that

Voluminous Half-Up Hair Bun: Hair Tutorial


Is anyone else obsessed with half-up hair buns lately? No, I’m not taking about those beyond sexy man buns here. These are hair buns so delicious that have formed the perfect middle ground between a full bun and letting your hair fall naturally, which is always a hard decision to make. The best part? The messier your hair is, the more effortlessly chic it looks! I’d declare it as

Natural Skincare Tips for Travellers: What the Beauty Experts Say (Part 2)

Natural Skincare Tips (2)

Hello Sunshine! I woke up this morning to a rainy & gloomy day, not exactly the kind of weather that got me excited. And I asked myself, what makes me a happy on a day like this? I walked to my kitchen pantry, grabbed my grounded organic coffee, coconut oil and brown suagr and whipped together a DIY body scrub (recipe here) for a skin-pampering

Best Natural Skincare Product Reviews + Giveaway (February 15 Part One)

Best Natural Skincare Reviews + Giveaway

So I just made a friend throw out her recently purchased hand cream. Oh, and I’m so proud of us both! Here’s the story, while she was rubbing on his fluoro pink coloured hand cream from an unknown brand while we were at lunch, I was quite irritated by the artificial fragrant smell. With the fluoro colour and the off-puting scent, it’s set off my ‘skin toxins’

How To Wear Vintage For Everyday Style: The Lace n Ruffles Guide

How to wear vintage

‘How to wear vintage for everyday style without looking like you’re at a costume party?’ –  this same question that I was asked over and over again has inspired me to write this post to inspire you on ways to frolick in your vintage collection every day of the week. I simply adore vintage trekking. Whether it’s hunting for vintage Chanel in Paris or rummaging around the internet, vintage

8 New Year Beauty Resolutions: The Natural Way

new year beauty resolutions

Here’s a bit of beauty history: thousands of years ago, women used cosmetics. If you don’t believe me, I have one name for you: Cleopatra. The beauty of 30 B.C. is depicted as a cosmetic-wearing Egyptian Pharaoh with close ties to Rome, especially with Julius Caesar. However, even in that time it is said that the men were into heavy mascara and altering their appearance

5 DIY Natural Skincare Recipes for Sensitive Skin

DIY Natural Skincare Recipes

Believe it or not, your skin is sensitive in one way or another. Perhaps certain cleansers or creams cause you to develop hives, redness, or a rash. If you’re anything like a girlfriend of mine was, you may be the type who feels like screaming on a daily basis because cleansers suck the moisture out of your skin and there is no lotion in the

Travel Beauty For Your Man And His Man Bag

Travel beauty for your man

As elegant ladies, we always like to look on point right? And while it may already seem a laborious task trying to look camera-ready post workout on a daily basis – it’s even harder when travelling. But as an experienced veteran on this matter, I decided to take my expertise to a different problem – finding the perfect travel beauty necessities for my man… whilst