Lust List: Top Hotels for Celebrity Spotting

Top Hotels for Celebrity Spotting feat

We know how much you love our previous story on following the heels of celebrities in London! So here we have it, a bigger list of tops hotels for celebrity spotting around the globe. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of celebrity stalking, at least you can be assured these hotels all received the stamp of approval from discerning travellers including Geoffery Rush and

These Natural Phenomena in Iceland Will Blow Your Mind

These natural phenomena in Iceland will blow your mind

Iceland dreaming, anyone? Iceland is one of the world’s booming tourist destinations, and a big part of this rapid growth has to do with all the natural wonders that can be seen and experienced in this Northern Atlantic Island country. So if you’re looking for a vacation that will offer up some great exploration and activities through the natural world, spending some time in Iceland might be

Toxin-free Beauty Reviews + Giveaway: Awe Cosmeceuticals


Hey you lovely! How’s your skin treating you lately? Looking for some new products to prepare your skin for the change of season coming? So are we! On our mission to give you the most comprehensive and honest reviews of all toxin-free beauty brands in the market, we’ve got Sueanne from our Beauty Review Team to share her verdicts on some Awe Cosmeceuticals goodies. AWE

My Succulent Terrariums + 6 Care Tips

My Succulent Terrariums + 6 Care Tips

Lately, I’ve been a tad bit obsessed with the miniature green world that’s called terrarium! For green souls like me who re-energise through smelling sea salt in the water and feeling sands in between my toes, I’m constantly on the hunt for fuss-free ways to bring a dash of nature into my space at home.  Come meet my baby succulent terrariums, my fellow green souls!

These Emojis Show What It’s Really Like To Travel Solo


Disclaimer: This post is my entry to win 250,000 Velocity Points at the Virgin Australia competition for Problogger Event I’m attending in two weeks. If you love reading it, I’d appreciate you leaving a comment and sharing with your friends, please pretty.    So you just spent a month travelling solo and came home to a party where you met a dozen of people who

Songbirds in Rainforest: Lace n Ruffles Lookbook

Songbirds in rainforest | Lace n Ruffles

The cicadas are chirping and the songbirds are singing merrily from afar. The smell of floral and fauna that surround me are so intensely invigorating that took me right back to those carefree days in Bali. Welcome to Gold Coast Hinterland in late autumn where temperature still hovers between 20 to 24 degree during the day, and the rainforest so lush that guarantees to enliven every